Our Mission

Purple Day Asia was established with the aim of educating public about epilepsy, fighting to end the prejudice and stigma associated with epilepsy and brain seizures as well as helping the epileptic people to integrate into society and enjoy their life.


Through its enlightening activities and events, Purple Day Asia purposes to deal with the following as its main mission:

  1. Presenting basic knowledge to people about epilepsy
  2. Eradicating stigma and fear
  3. Raising public awareness 
  4. Helping people with epilepsy to integrate into society
  5. Facilitating people with epilepsy with job training and employment
  6. Facilitating people with epilepsy with independent life and marriage 
  7. Encouraging people with epilepsy to be active members of society 
  8. Facilitating their recovery

In addition to these, Purple Day Asia is actively taking part in international events/conference to establish networks with various stakeholders and promote our activities.