About us

Purple Day Asia is established in 2018 with the aim of representing Purple Day in Asia in partnership with Anita Kaufmann Foundation (AKF).


The idea originally commenced in Japan in 2013 under the name of Purple Day Japan, with the joint initiative of Doctor Toshihiko Fukuchi, Director of Suzukake Clinic, and Debra Joseph, the executive director of AKF. Having a profound experience in rehabilitation of people with epilepsy in his daycare center and observing a deeply rooted stigma that society has towards these people, Doctor Fukuchi wanted to bring the transforming campaign to Japan and helped to eradicate this widely held stigma.


Since then, Purple Day Japan has organized, in cooperation with other medical centers, various epilepsy campaign events in such places as Nagoya, Sendai, Osaka, Wakayama and Shizuoka. Purple Day Japan also designed Purple Man, a well-known character that fights with stigma. Following these domestic successes, Purple Day Japan organization team put a bigger aim of raising public awareness in other Asian countries, where the stigma towards epilepsy is still widespread, and established Purple Day Asia. 

A message from Cassidy Megan, a founder of Purple Day