Purple Day Events in Japan

Number of Purple Day events were and will be held in Japan. The below you can find the highlights of some of the events Purple Day Asia helped organize in different cities in Japan. 

For more information about Purple Day activities in Japan, please visit Purple Day Japan website!


Purple Day Nagoya

Purple Day Nagoya was held on 25 and 26 of Marchi, 2018 which attracted over 600 people. Purple Man also attended to the event and fought with the stigma of epilepsy in the battle of heart-of-mind in the pro-wrestling ring under the Nagoya Tower

Giving extra meaning to the event, there were epilepsy combatants (person with epilepsy), who came on stage to share information and answer questions for the audience. Adding spice, the nonprofit oriented Purple Creator’s Market with its awesome purple goods, was spectacular. Nagoya TV Tower turned the Nagoya ski into purple for the official Purple Day celebrated world-wide. 

Purple Day Nagasaki

Purple Day Nagasaki was held on March 25th, 2018 at entrance hall of Nagasaki Prefectural Government. The event was organized by the Nagasaki Epilepsy Group. Although it was the first time, there was a clear feeling of excitement in the air. The more than 200 in attendance came from both inside and outside the prefecture, and included patients as well as their families, and others. In the forum of open lectures for the civic audience, there was one themed “Let’s Learn More About Epilepsy!”, with participants that included doctors, social workers, psychologists and others. To make this year's Purple Day Nagasaki even more whole, on March 26, Mount Inasa's Radio Tower in Nagasaki was lit up in beautiful Purple.

Purple Day Sendai

The first round of Purple Day Sendai 2018, “Knowing, feeling at Ease, Epilepsy and Work” was held in the afternoon of March 24 (Saturday). The area that it took place holds Sendai’s most number of passers-bys. So a combination of those passing by with others planning to attend in advance, allowed for a much higher understanding of Purple Day and Epilepsy within Sendai city.

At the nearby AU SENDAI there was a public lecture by the Director of the Epilepsy Center (30-minute version), Dr. Nobukazu Nakasato. The panel discussion included several movers and shakers in the local and national epilepsy field. The theme of the discussion “Knowing, feeling at Ease, Epilepsy and Work” allowed for passionate and a learned debate.

Purple Day Events in Asia

Other Purple Day Events that were held in other Asian countries will be posted soon.

Upcoming Purple Day Asia Events

Upcoming events will be posted soon.