Purple Day Asia Conference Participation

Purple Day Asia has been active for years, participating in various international conferences organized by AES, ILAE and IBE. We think that our participation in these well-known conferences will present the best chance to exchange ideas, establish everlasting networks and cooperation with doctors and other medical organizations.

The 7th Annual Meeting of The Japan Epilepsy Center Council (JEPICA General Assembly) Hiroshima 2020

On February 8th and 9th, Purple Day Asia and Japan participated at The 7th Annual Meeting of The Japan Epilepsy Center Council(JEPICA General Assembly) Hiroshima 2020. The Conference was led by Chairman Koji Ida, who is in the Japanese Society of Neurosurgery Specialist, Japanese Epilepsy Society Certified Physician and Canadian Neurophysiology Society Clinical EEG Specialist. 


We were able to share understandings and connections about epilepsy awareness with participants involved in the practice of medicine epilepsy. It was a great chance to promote our activities and sell Purple Day goods as donations that were crafted by patients. Our superhero, Purple Man, was also present during the conference that people were amused and loved to take photos with him.


We are even grateful to learn that there were participants we have engaged with from the conference know what Purple Day is about. This makes us even prouder and confident in our continuing commitment to spreading awareness internationally. And so, Purple Day Asia’s goal continues every day.



73rd Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society(2019)

From December 6 (Fri) to 10 (Tue), we participated in the American Epilepsy Conference held in Baltimore, USA.

We showed various activities held in Japan and other countries by using posters and photographs and passed on the significance of Purple Day to people who visited our booth.

While Purple Day itself originated in North America, there are still many people who do not know about it in the United States. However, everyone who came to our booth listened eagerly and showed their understanding.

The Purple Day goods handmade by epilepsy patients were popular from many people who came.

Of course, "Purple Man," symbol of Purple Day, joined every photo and made many people interested.

In July next year, we will be presenting Purple Day in a conference in Geneva, Switzerland. In Europe, there are more people who do not know about Purple Day than in the United States, so we will try harder to spread awareness about our activities.

Thank you for your support!

33rd International Epilepsy Congress (2019)

From June 23 to 25, Purple Day Asia participated in the 33rd International Epilepsy Congress, held in Bangkok, Thailand. Many experts and doctors from all around the world came to our booth. We handed out Purple Day goods, made by epilepsy patients, to the visitors. As always, Purple Man came to our booth and took a lot of photos with the participants. We successfully spread our activities to many people, and it was a very meaningful conference.

American Epilepsy Society (AES) 71st Annual Meeting

Organized by American Epilepsy Society, 71st Annual Meeting was held in Washington DC, 2017. 

As the meeting is very well-known among the epileptologist and neurologists, it attracted several hundred people all over the world, which presented good chance for Purple Day to promote its activities. The representative of Purple Day from Japan participated in the annual meeting as Purple Day Japan. 

12th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress

From June 28 to July 1, Purple Day Asia representatives participated in 12th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress that was held in Bali, Indonesia. 

With more than 500 participants hailing from such countries as Australia, Bangladesh, Korea, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and Thailand, the Conference presented a good opportunity for Purple Day Asia to establish an everlasting networking with famous doctors of these countries. 

This also was the first time that Purple Man character attended to the conference and became famous among the participants.

AES Annual Meeting


From 30th November to 2nd December, Purple Day Asia participated into American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting which is held in New Orleans, U.S. The meeting is one of the most influential epilepsy conferences in the world. Starting with the American doctors, lots of experts and doctors coming from all over the world attended the meeting and we held a very meaningful promoting campaign there.


Purple Day Asia organized a booth at NGO Area. We had prepared various kinds of Japanese original purple day goods such as Purple Man Button and Origami. Moreover, purple man has come to our booth and the popular superhero attracted so much attentions.