Our Activites

Purple Day Asia has actively been organizing various enlightening activities to educate people about epilepsy. In this, Purple Day Asia aims to put a specific focus on Asian countries, where the people with epilepsy tend to still experience lingering prejudice.

Purple Day at Disneyland

Purple Day Asia is closely cooperating with Anita Kaufmann Foundation to have Purple Day event in/nearby Disney resorts of various Asian countries.

Purple Day Asia is still on the process of organizing its first "Purple Day at Disneyland" project in Tokyo, Japan, in March 2019. With the success of it, Purple Day  Asia plans to organize the same event in other Asian countries.

Purple Day in Asia

Purple Day Asia wants to spread its public awareness campaign to other Asian countries. So far, the Purple Day activities were held in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and India. However, as stigma in many Asian societies still exists, it is imperative to actively raise public awareness through Purple Day activities. If you want to organize Purple Day in your country, please contact us!

Other Purple Day Projects

With the help of social media, Purple Day Asia will  start various hashtag challenges to raise public awareness about epilepsy. Also, Purple Day Asia will begin projects that bring the businesses and communities together for involvement into our campaign. The projects might include bakery shops to produce special cake for Purple Day campaign. If you have ideas, feel free to share with us!

The enlightening projects